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Pathway Japan is an ICEF certified consultancy that specialises in supporting those who wish to learn Japanese in Japan. Based in the UK and Japan, providing educational advisory services to international students.

International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) is an international education body. Its system monitors and ensures the high quality of the consultants.

Pathway Japan is

   A student-focused consultancy. The aim is to provide high-quality service for the best interests of students.

   One-on-One consultancy, providing a feel at home atmosphere. Face to face, online or email, feel free to talk about your study in Japan.

   A study planner, providing a personally tailored plan.

   Professionally trained, Japanese staff supporting students with the best advice.

  Knowledgeable in the Japanese education system and the system abroad.

   A trusted partner of the best Japanese language schools in Japan.

   Actively participating in events around the world to meet students and welcomes students from all over the world.

   Attention to detail, information explained clearly.

   Reliable, accurate information in a timely manner.

   Transparent, all information is up to date and presented.

All in One package

All in One consultancy service packages provide everything you need for your study in Japan.

Select from the range of packages below that best suit your needs. 

  • Free One-Go package 
  • Complete Study package
  • Flexible Select package

One-Go Package

This consultancy service package includes necessary processes for your study in Japan, all for FREE.

  • Meeting & Hearing
  • Course, School and Accommodation introduction
  • Visa advice
  • Course and Accommodation application
  • Student Visa application for a long-term study
  • Hiragana and Katakana revision lessons
  • Class allocation test

Note: Accommodation application includes homestay and school residence.  For shared houses and serviced apartments, Pathway Japan will refer you to the accommodation service partner at no cost. We ensure you will be settled and ready for the course.

Study Package

This is a complete package which includes everything you need to study in Japan. Pathway Japan will handle all the complicated processes. It allows you to prepare for your living in Japan at ease.

In addition to One-Go package,

  • Study plan presentation
  • Budget presentation
  • Introduction seminar
  • Financial advice
  • Resident registration
  • Mobile phone set up

Pathway Japan is currently running a campaign, check out Startup Essentials.  The offer is for those choosing the Study package and studying Japanese for one year or more. A free bonus will be waiting on your arrival in Japan!

Select Package

This package is flexible and allows you to pick and choose to suit your needs. In addition to One-Go package, choose from the following selection.

  • Study plan presentation
  • Budget presentation
  • Introduction seminar
  • Financial advice
  • Arrival transfer
  • Resident registration
  • Mobile phone set up

Plus Japanese Martial Arts

In addition to the packages above, the package includes course application and the kit preparation. Meet the locals and improve your Japanese quickly. It is a great way to experience Japan.

Pathway Japan recommends students to visit Dojo to meet the master and have a trial session first. We will arrange a meeting for you.

Process Flow

     Step 1. Contact form

Send the form to Pathway Japan from the Contact.

     Step 2. Consultation

Do tell us about your interest in Japan, courses, the region you want to see and so on.

A face to face consultancy is the best way to get to know your plan to study in Japan. Either in person or via online, face to face consultation is possible wherever you are. If you prefer emails, that’s fine too.

After the hearing, you will receive information on various courses, schools and accommodations. Pathway Japan will also advise you about the visa.

     Step 3. Planning

If you are happy to proceed, select one course and school in which you wish to study.  Furthermore, select one accommodation type which suits your lifestyle.

Studying abroad is a big decision. Setting an objective, a goal is an essential step when planning a study abroad. A good plan leads you to achieve that goal. Pathway Japan can tailor a study plan explaining the steps to achieve your desired Japanese level. It is a long-term plan which integrates the steps in JLPT/EJU required for further education. It also works for your future career planning.  The plan will help you set a clear objective to learning Japanese.

Obtaining a student visa takes approximately six months. Therefore, a time frame must be considered when planning so that you will not miss your first day of the course!

Living cost in Japan is also an important factor in studying abroad. Pathway Japan can prepare an annual budget, including all the study costs and expenses. This will allow you to prepare for a long-term study in Japan. 

     Step 4. Application

Pathway Japan will prepare the application forms using the information you provided. Each application form has a number of pages and must be accurately filled in.

For those require student visa, additional information and specific documents are required. Pathway Japan will ensure that the forms and documents are all complete and in order for submission. 

The Student Visa application process includes the translation of scripts into Japanese. Pathway Japan has the skill and experience in translation. However, where the required documents are in Non-English, translation charge may incur. In some cases, it may be outsourced. The costs of outsourcing will be settled by the student.

Pathway Japan will handle complicated processes. So you can sit back and relax.

     Step 5. Enrolment

Once you are accepted into the course, the school will ask you to take a Japanese test. This is to see your Japanese level so that the school can allocate you to an appropriate class. You can take the test in your own comfortable environment of your home or work.

For beginners, it is perfectly fine not to answer any of the questions. However, when you start the course in Japan, you will see that the textbooks are all in Hiragana and Katakana. So the schools will expect you to learn to read both before starting the course.

Start Hiragana and Katakana self-study today. Learn simple words and phrases in the revision with Pathway Japan.

     Step 6. Pre-departure

You now have a student visa and ready to go!

Pathway Japan can tell you all there is to know about living in Japan. The seminar is about arrival, way to your accommodation and room key pickup. Plus information on shops, restaurants in your local area and more. In addition, the culture, places to visit, what to expect in living and so on.

The staff is also a UK certified financial advisor with years of experience in the field of finance.  And Pathway Japan can provide you with appropriate advice in financial matters. Additionally, assist you with bank account set up and money transfer.

     Step 7. Arrival

Those staying in Japan for more than three months are required to register at the local public office. You will receive a National health insurance card upon registration. Pathway Japan can assist you with the registration. 

To help you start your living in Japan, Pathway Japan can also set up a SIM card for your mobile phone.  

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