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Learning Japanese

Why Learn Japanese in Japan

The best way to learn Japanese

How to learn Japanese the best way. Pathway Japan video talks about Japan and the benefits of learning Japanese.

Short-term Japanese Courses

Short-term courses

Seasonal or all year round Japanese courses with tons of cultural and social activities will make your holiday in Japan unforgettable!

Study abroad Japan

Long-term courses

Gain a solid Japanese skill. Study and join cultural and social activities. Let your study in Japan be a success and a lifetime experience!

Best Japanese Language Courses

Choose from over 70 fantastic Japanese courses in the best Japanese language school lineup. The choice is yours.

This section introduces various Japanese courses available in Japan. Those over 70 Japanese courses are categorised into five main types of courses which are in line with the students’ objectives.

  • Japanese Daily Conversation
  • Business Japanese Conversation
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • University Preparation
  • Foundation course for Professional Training College

Details of each are to help you find the right course. There are the best and most popular Japanese courses chosen by the students.

In addition to the Japanese course, Japanese Martial Arts is a very popular activity which many students join after their daily Japanese classes. It is a great way to learn Japanese and experience Japan!    

Japanese Conversation

No more translation App!

Start from Beginners Japanese Daily Conversation and work your way up to the advanced level in steps. Combination of Practical, Manga, Japanese Traditional Culture and more.

Business Japanese Conversation

Ready for a career in Japan?

Business conversation with the specialised programme can prepare you for real-life work in Japan. Many great opportunities in your future.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

How is your Japanese?

Reading, Listening and Writing, JLPT is the key to higher education or employment in Japan. Start from N5, and at N1 the opportunities in Japan are endless!

University in Japan

Prep for Top Universities

Aim high and grow your confidence. Full support with the best schools in Japan. Set programmes in JLPT and EJU can increase your chance to enter prestigious university and professional college in Japan.

Foundation Course for Vocational College in Japan

A step into the growing industry

A combination of JLPT with a specialised programme in Anime, Game, Business, IT, Fashion or Tourism. Foundation course leads to entry to Top Professional college or straight into a career in the growing industry.

Japanese Martial Arts

Experience the real Samurai spirit!

Japan, land of Martial Arts. Began by Samurai, the Bushido passed by generation to date. Deep into the history and culture of Japan, experience what Budo is all about.

Japanese Language Schools

Best Japanese Language Schools

Best Japanese school lineup

Let’s learn Japanese with the best in Japan! Beginners to Advance, over 70 fantastic courses. A wide diversity of students and Japanese qualified teachers to support you.

Scholarship in Japan

Scholarships in Japan

For Japanese language schools and further education, various scholarships to study in Japan. Choose one that best suits your plan.

Living in Japan

Accommodation in Japan

Guide to living in Japan

A guide and tips to accommodation. All types of accommodation providing affordable and comfortable living in Japan. Move-in and start living straight away.

Living cost in Japan

Is Japan expensive to live?

Living cost in Japan based on actual. Price of a bag of crisps, mobile phone, transport fare, necessary items for the student life in Japan. Enjoy life with less money worry.

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Do I need a Visa to Japan?

Short or long, different visa types and processes. Keep calm, Pathway Japan will advise and support you with Visa application, ensuring your entry to Japan.

Study Plan for Japan

Bespoke your study plan

A perfect plan for your study abroad. It's personal, tailor a plan that works just for you.

Where do I start?

Pathway Japan is a student-focused consultancy and welcomes students from all over the world. Professional consultancy for the best interest of the students. Your questions will be answered with Pathway Japan.