Let’s learn Japanese in Japan

Pathway Japan specialises in advising and supporting students who wish to study Japanese within the amazing culture of Japan

We also offer advisory in Professional training, Traditional Culture and Japanese Martial Arts courses.  

Studying in a foreign country can be exciting and have great expectations, but there are many unknowns at the same time.
Japan is a characteristically unique cultured country, and not only does the language but the customs also differ from all other countries.

With our attention to detail approach in coordinating the bespoke plan, Pathway Japan can assist you in gaining a lifetime experience that can open many doors to your future.

Let’s learn Japanese and experience Japan!

Pathway Japan is an ICEF certified agent based in the UK and Japan. Contact us to secure your seat in the course.


♦ Greetings

Hello world, my name is Masako, the principal consultant of Pathway Japan. Thank you for visiting this website. Initially, I entered the education industry because I wanted to use my experience of studying abroad and introduce Japan as one of the characteristically unique cultured countries in the world to study in.

I came to the UK at a very young age, to a different culture and environment not knowing a word of English.  Living and studying was hard work in the beginning but gradually, it created many opportunities for my future.  With the support of my family, the agency staff, school teachers, friends and many other people for which I am very grateful, I gained extensive knowledge and valuable experience.

My expertise and experience in finance and education over the years have then lead me to establish Pathway Japan. With friendly and experienced Japanese staff, I believe our services can offer students their future opportunities and amazing experience of a lifetime in Japan.

Pathway Japan welcomes students from all over the world.
We look forward to seeing you.     

Masako Muto Pathway Japan