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Japanese Manga course

At KILC. Starting 30th March 2020. 1M, 2M or 3M course.
Rare oppotunity to learn Manga drawing from a professional Manga artis!.

Japanese Art course

New Courses with ISI

Japanese Art Course in University Prep

ISI colaborates with Ena Shinbi in Art and Design course. Ena Shinbi is one of the top art schools in Japan. The course is designed for those planning to study Art and Design degree in Japanese University.

Evening Japanese lessons for busy students

For those busy during the day, this is a new program you can join in the evenings.

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  • Japan, the country of the Rising Sun
  • The Japanese culture, old and new
  • Japanese, a popular foreign language
  • “Japanese”, a tool for empowerment
  • Learn Japanese the best way
  • Best Japanese Language Courses & School lineup

Japan, the country of the Rising Sun

Japan, the country known as the land of the Rising Sun. “日本” pronounced Nihon or Nippon, named in the early 6th century. The name came about in a letter sent to Prince Shotoku.

The Prince Shotoku was the largest symbol of Japanese culture and peace who established a centralised state system. 

To learn the foreign culture and the system, the Prince Shotoku sent a Japanese politician, Ono-no Imoko abroad to Asia. He wrote a letter to the prince describing Japan as “日の本”, the land situated in the direction of the sunrise. This is how the name 日本, Nihon, came about.

The Japanese culture, old and new

Japan is known for its characteristically unique culture. Not only does the language, but customs also differ from all other countries.

The country has a rich history and the mixed culture of old and new, which reflect in the way of life of the Japanese.

Trends are constantly changing. Some are strange which can make your eyes pop. However, behind these new trends, traditions are maintained, which Japanese feel strongly about. It is this contrast that makes Japan so unique.

For its culture, food, hospitality, and the way of life, Japan has been attracting visitors from the world. There are now 4 main international and 21 smaller international airports in Japan. The world has become so much closer.

One of the main attractions in Japan is the 23 UNESCO world heritage sites. There are many other historical sites that exist secretly in this mysterious land of Japan.

Train journeys are very comfortable and the easiest way to get to those sites. Viewing the fabulous nature of Japan during the season change is an attraction of the train journey. Another attraction is the Bento box which you can purchase at the stations. Each Bento is made using local ingredients, presenting its local cuisines.

Hop on the train, enjoy Bento and let it take you back in time to the ancient history of Japan.

Japanese, a popular foreign language

Japan is known for its warm hospitality and welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Japan is an island, thousands of miles away from other countries that getting to Japan had not been easy. Information about Japan had not been available nor easily accessible. However, in the last few decades, many Japanese had gone abroad to study and to explore new opportunities. Those abroad introduced Japan through Japanese culture and food, which gradually spread to the world.

Japanese culture is a mixture of tradition and pop. Traditional culture is scuh as Kimono, Tea ceremony, Calligraphy and Flower arrangement. These traditions with their techniques have been passed through generations over centuries. Today, traditional culture has become the art of Japan.

“Pop culture” such as Manga and Anime has been one of the most loved Japanese entertainments in Japan for decades. Manga and Anime characters were integrated into developing computer games, and those games instantly became global hits.

Due to mega popularity, Japanese companies have been participating in many events abroad, introducing Japanese pop culture globally.

For Japan in itself and the unique culture, more people became interested in the Japanese language. As a result, Japanese has become one of the popular foreign languages to learn.

"Japanese", a tool for empowerment

Another reason for the popularity is that many wish to pursue a career using Japanese as a second language.

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world. Thousands of Japanese companies invest in countries around the world. Due to its global presence, the Japanese language has become a great demand overseas.

Being multilingual is a big advantage when pursuing a career in Japan or starting your own business. With your mother tongue and Japanese, there are greater opportunities both in Japan and overseas.

Whether you wish to learn Japanese for conversation purposes or for further education in Japan, the end result is the same. “Japanese” becomes a tool that can open many doors to your future.     

Learn Japanese the best way

There are many ways to learn Japanese. Buy textbooks, watch internet streaming videos, or go to Japanese language schools in your home country. Great ways to learn vocabularies and phrases but once finished for the day, what do you do with it?

Like any other language, the most effective way to learn Japanese is to be in a Japanese speaking environment. Ultimately, put the knowledge learned to practice in the actual situations is the best way to learn Japanese. In a 24/7 Japanese environment, the language would naturally sink into your system.

It is said that when starting to dream in that language, it is a sign of how much that language has become part of you.

Without further ado, get yourself immersed in a Japanese speaking environment. One day you may dream in Japanese! 

Best Japanese Language Courses & school lineup

Let’s learn Japanese with the best! There are over 70 fantastic Japanese courses in the best Japanese language school lineup. The choice is yours.

Each person has a different purpose in coming to Japan to learn Japanese. Some are interested in the Japanese culture, to further education, for career opportunities, and more.

Here are the most popular Japanese courses selected by the students in accordance with their purposes.

Daily Japanese Conversation

No more translation App!

Start from Beginners Japanese Daily Conversation and work your way up to the advanced level in steps. Combination of Practical, Manga, Japanese Traditional Culture and more.

Business Conversation

Ready for a career in Japan?

Business conversation with the specialised programme can prepare you for real-life work in Japan. Many great opportunities in your future.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

How is your Japanese?

Reading, Listening and Writing, JLPT is the key to higher education or employment in Japan. Start from N5, and at N1 the opportunities in Japan are endless!

Japanese University Preparation

Prep for Top Universities

Aim high and grow your confidence. Full support with the best schools in Japan. Set programmes in JLPT and EJU can increase your chance to enter prestigious university and professional college in Japan.

Foundation course for Professionals

A step into the growing industry

A combination of JLPT with a specialised programme in Anime, Game, Business, IT, Fashion or Tourism. Foundation course leads to entry to Top Professional college or straight into a career in the growing industry.

Samurai Spirits, Japanese Martial Arts

Experience the real Samurai spirit!

Japan, land of Martial Arts. Began by Samurai, the Bushido passed by generation to date. Deep into the history and culture of Japan, experience what Budo is all about.

Study in Japan with the best!

Best Japanese school lineup

Let's learn Japanese with the best in Japan! Beginners to Advance, over 70 fantastic courses. A wide diversity of students and Japanese qualified teachers to support you.

Scholarship in Japan

Scholarships in Japan

For Japanese language schools, Universities and Professional training colleges, various scholarships to study in Japan. Choose one that best suits your plan.

Accommodation in Japan, shared house

Guide to living in Japan

A guide and tips to Accommodation. All types of accommodation providing affordable and comfortable living in Japan. Pathway Japan will find accommodation wherever you wish to live.

Living cost in Japan for Students

Is Japan expensive to live?

Living cost in Japan based on actual experiences. Price of a bag of crisps, mobile phone, transport fare, necessary items for the student life in Japan. Enjoy life in Japan with less money worry.

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Japan Student Visa

Do I need a Visa to Japan?

Yes. Short or long, all international students require a visa. Different visa types and processes. Keep calm, Pathway Japan will take care of it all, ensuring your entry to Japan.

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