• Japanese Sake Brewery Museum

    Hakutsuru Sake is the most popular brand sake in Japan. The brewery began in 1743 in Kobe. If you are a Sake lover, do visit the museum to see the making of Sake and have a tasting session. The admission to the museum is Free. For the tasting, you must be over 20. http://www.hakutsuru.co.jp/english/culture/museum.html

  • Odawara Castle

    1 hour 15 min from Tokyo Shinjuku. So much history in this coastal city of Odawara. There are video screens on each floor that tells the stories about how 5 generations of Hojo Shogun protected the castle. Samurai Yoroi exhibition, Samurai projection, Ninja experience and many more to see and do. Odawara city is situated by the coast where fresh fish is brought in every morning. So when you are feeling hungry after the tour of Odawara castle, pop down to the bay for BQ seafood lunch!