University preparation

Study with our selective schools that have a high exam pass rate for top Universities in Japan. Tell us what you would like to study in University and let’s start your prep!

Make Japanese friends and enjoy studying a degree course in Universities in Japan.

Universities in Japan

For undergraduate

The course is designed to prepare you for the University entry. The entry requirement is JLPT N1 and EJU

The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) is a score based examination. It evaluates students ability in Japanese language skills and the basic academic knowledge needed to study at Universities.

The exams are held twice a year in June and November in Japan. The scores from the result are valid for two years. Therefore, the students can submit their test result with the highest score to the Universities at the application. However, the score requirement depends on the Universities, and the course students wish to study.

What can I study in EJU?

Japanese language

Students are examined on their writing, reading and listening comprehension.


It is an essential subject to test students’ numerical skills.

In additions to above, select either Science or Japan and the world, but not both.


Students will select two subjects from physics, chemistry and biology, depending on the university requirements and the course they wish to study.

Japan and the world

Students will study liberal arts. It is for those who chose to progress to Art or Humanities degree courses.

Students will study optional subjects at Juku. It is a higher education exam specialist school. The school will teach some technique to answer the questions in a certain way in line with University specifications.  

For Postgraduates

The course is designed to prepare you for the University entry. Students will study for JLPT N1 and various Japanese academic skills. It includes information gathering and the report writing. Additionally, students will practice how to deal with interviews.