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Excellent, you have chosen Japan for your study abroad destination. This section explains the traits in undertaking studies overseas.

Living and studying abroad will need planning and preparation. Under the following topics, there are several options for you to consider.

Furthermore, introducing you to various long-term courses to suit your study purpose. These 6 months to 2-year Japanese courses can set you up for solid language skills. Let your study abroad in Japan be a success and a lifetime experience!


  • What do I gain from study abroad in Japan?
  • Visa to Japan, how long can I study abroad?
  • What can I study in Japan?
  • Long-term Japanese Courses – Semester based

What do I gain from study abroad in Japan?

Studying abroad can be exciting and have high expectations in Japan. There are many unknowns at the same time. Students come to Japan eager to study for various reasons. Some want to learn to speak Japanese, others to pursue a career or go to University.

Whatever their purpose was, from their feedback, there is no doubt that they loved their time in Japan. What did they gain from studying abroad?


It means to be prepared to do things on your own. To have the ability to live your life without being controlled by others.

Studying abroad can teach you in taking the initiative and doing everything on your own.

You will learn to be a decision-maker in whatever that comes ahead. Family, schools and Pathway Japan are to support you with advice, but at the end of the day, it is your decision that counts.

Expand future potential

Going to a country where you don’t speak its language need courage. By studying abroad, you will learn not to be fearful of trying. Be adventurous and expand your potential for the future.

Strong determination

Whatever the purpose of your studying abroad, you know what you ultimately want to achieve in Japan. With a strong determination, you can accomplish those goals.

International perspectives

Stepping out to the world is an opportunity to see your home country from an external point of view. Whether it’s a positive or negative, living away from home expands your perspective of the world.

When you study abroad, you will meet students from many countries with various backgrounds. Learn different cultures and grow a global mindset.

Social Contribution

Studying abroad in Japan can give you the chance to socialise with the Japanese. Many Japanese are keen to learn about the world and different cultures. By exchanging information, not only will you improve the language, but also provide them with exposure to the world.  Hence, it’s a contribution to Japanese society.

Why is Japan a popular study abroad destination?

Each person has a different purpose for coming to Japan. What do you want to achieve at the end of your study?

A video on the link below talks about Japan and what Japan has to offer.

Visa to Japan, how long can I study abroad?

Short-term courses last from 2 to 12 weeks. You will be able to learn to speak basic Japanese in these courses. These courses are perfect for those planning a holiday in Japan or taking a gap year.

Long-Term courses are available from 6 months to 2 years. The period of study abroad in Japan depends on the type of visa you require.

Options are:

Visa Waiver Extension

Those with extended waivers can study in Japan for up to 180 days.

Working Holiday Visa

Visa holders can study in Japan for up to 1 year.

Student Visa

With a Student Visa, you can study Japanese for up to 2 years. However, the allowable Student Visa period depends on the semester you enrol in.

In line with the Japanese academic year, the language courses start in April. The next semesters begin in July, October, and January.

For instance, if you start from the April semester, a maximum of 2-year Student Visa is applicable. For each semester starting from

  • July: Max 1-year 9 months Student Visa is applicable.
  • October: Max 1-year and 6 months.
  • January: Max 1-year and 3 months.

To study in Japan for a year, you may apply for any of the semesters.

Study abroad in japan

Visa to Japan explains the types of Visa and application process. Obtaining a Student Visa takes approximately 6 months. Each school sets closing dates for application submissions. Pathway Japan will notify you of these important dates.

What can I study in Japan?

The following study categories are what you can undertake in Japan. The choice depends on your objectives and goals.

Japanese Language

Some want to learn to speak the language, while others to learn to read and write as well. There are three types of language courses.

  • Japanese Daily Conversation
  • Business Japanese Conversation
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Daily and Business Conversation courses focus mainly on speaking and listening.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test courses are more grammar-based.

University Degree

Like universities around the world, Japanese Universities offer various degree courses. Many International students pursue studies in Economics, Engineering, Science, Fine Art or IT.

A degree is four years, where international and Japanese students study together. Therefore, advanced Japanese is necessary. To prepare you for University, Japanese Language Schools provide Preparation Courses.

Professional Training

Industries such as Manga, Gaming and Hospitality are still booming globally. For this, the number of students progressing to Vocational College is increasing. There are hundreds of colleges in Japan offering training programmes. To enter these colleges, international students will require advanced Japanese.

Japanese Language Schools provide Foundation Courses. These combine the language and the fundamental studies of the industry.

Have a browse in each category for more detail. It describes the most popular Japanese courses chosen by the students. You will surely find the best one for you.

Long-term Japanese Courses – Semester based

Each semester begins in April, July, October and January.

Course fee includes tuition fee and the following initial costs

  • Registration fee
  • Study material
  • Facility fee
  • Student visa application fee
  • Students insurance

These are not payable in the 2nd year.

Japanese Daily Conversation

Location Course Level Term 6M ¥  1-yr ¥ 
Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto Std Japanese Conversation Beginners ~ Adv 6M ~ 2yrs 590,000 990,000
Tokyo Japanese Conversation 529,800 963,000

Business Japanese Conversation

Start from your JLPT level. Students can join the following Business Conversation course once reaching N3.

Location Course Level Term 6M ¥  1-yr ¥ 
Kyoto, Tokyo  Job Hunting Support JLPT N3 ~ 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
Tokyo Business Course for Job Hunting 6M ~ 2yrs 465,000 777,000
  Selective Business Conversation 1 yr ~ 2 yrs 776,000
  BJT for Business 6 months 400,000

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Location Course Level Term 6M ¥  1-yr ¥ 
Tokyo Total JLPT Beginners ~ Adv

6M ~ 2yrs 465,800 835,000
  Comprehensive JLPT 6M ~ 2yrs 465,000 777,000
Kyoto, Tokyo Standard JLPT 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
Nagano Standard JLPT 6M ~ 2yrs, from Apr and Oct only 420,000 763,000
Okinawa Comprehensive Japanese Language 1 yr ~ 2yrs 785,000
Tokyo Comprehensive Japanese Language 1 yr ~ 2yrs 785,000

JLPT Combination

You may begin at JLPT N5. Then join the following combination programme when reaching N3.

Location Course Level Term 6M ¥  1-yr ¥ 
Kyoto, Tokyo Std JLPT + Practical Conversation JLPT N3 ~ 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
  JLPT Preparation 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
Nagano Std JLPT + Practical Conversation 6M ~ 2yrs, from Apr and Oct only 420,000 763,000
  JLPT Preparation 6M ~ 2yrs, from Apr and Oct only 420,000 763,000
Tokyo Selective Japanese Conversation 1 yr ~ 2 yrs


  + Traditional Culture
  + Video/Anime
  Selective Intensive JLPT

University Preparation

Location Course Level Term 6M ¥  1-yr ¥ 
Tokyo Selective EJU JLPT N1

1 yr ~ 2 yrs

  Special EJU for Undergraduate
  Intensive JLPT for Postgraduate
  Comprehensive JLPT for University 6M ~ 2yrs 465,000 777,000
  Top University Prep for Undergraduate 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
Tokyo, Kyoto EJU for Undergraduate 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
  Pathway for Postgraduate 6M ~ 2yrs 450,000 823,000
Nagano EJU for Undergraduate 6M ~ 2yrs, from Apr and Oct only 420,000 763,000
Tokyo Fine Art Degree Prep for Undergraduate Beginners ~ Adv 2yrs 632,500

Foundation Course for Vocational College

All students begin with JLPT. At N3, you may join the Professional Development programme. From this stage, words and phrases used in specific industries will come in.

Location Course Level Term 6M ¥  1-yr ¥ 
Tokyo JLPT + Professional Development JLPT N3 ~ 1yr ~ 2yrs 777,000

Study Pack, everything you need for a new start in Japan

Study Pack is a complete set of services that includes everything you need for study abroad.

Pathway Japan understands preparing to start a new life abroad requires energy and time. There will be a lot of research, thinking and decision-making to do.

To make things easier, Pathway Japan is here to assist you in these preparations.

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