Short-term Japanese Courses

Short-term Japanese language Courses in Tokyo, Kyoto and in other hot spots

Introducing you to fantastic short-term Japanese Language courses all year round. For a holiday or a gap year, these courses can fit perfectly with your plan. From 2 to 12 weeks, avail of various classes for your valuable time in Japan.

Let’s learn Japanese and experience Japan!


  • Short-term courses for fast Japanese learning
  • Special Japanese Short Programme
  • Short-term Standard Japanese Language Courses

Short-term courses for fast Japanese learning

Is it possible to learn Japanese in a short span? The answer is “yes”.

If your aim is to have a conversation and make sentences, Japanese is a fairly easy language to learn. It is relatively easy because the rules and patterns are defined, and there are few exceptions.

Short term courses can take you to the level, where you can hold a basic conversation in Japanese.

Start your Japanese learning right away with a table and audio listening.

For more, a guide to the Japanese Language explains the language structures with examples.

Special Japanese Short Programme

This section introduces 2 to 12 week of Japanese conversation programmes with a combination of various activities. If you aim to learn everyday Japanese, the desired level is achievable with these short courses.

So what’s in the Japanese conversation courses? Find out more from the best conversation course selections.


In this ever-popular course, the leading Manga writers will teach students all the techniques from zero. After the Japanese lessons, students will attend classes at Manga-Juku. The package includes every step to complete a Manga project. Upon completion, a certificate is awarded.

Japanese Cooking

Love Japanese food? How about cooking the traditional Japanese cuisines yourself? Learn how to prepare Sushi, Bento lunch box, Udon noodles and more. WOW your friends and family with authentic Japanese cooking.

Students will receive a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Hiragana & Katakana

This course is perfect for the beginners in all aspects. The main focus is on learning vocabularies and phrases for everyday conversation. It also covers Hiragana/Katakana reading and writing of words learned in conversation.

It is a 4-week intensive course which will take you to the next level quickly.

Short-term Japanese Language Courses

Traditional Culture

The conversation classes include practical simulations where students can put their knowledge to actual situations. This course is dedicated to those who wish to experience the traditional culture to the full.

Kimono wearing, Tea ceremony and Calligraphy, these experiences will add flavour to your Japanese learning.

Pop Culture

In addition to Japanese lessons, practical simulation and Pop Culture activities are packed all in one. Activities include costume play, Manga drawing, visit monster café in Harajuku and more. Have fun with Prikura photoshoot in costume play!

Students can also choose to participate in traditional cultural activities by week.

Short-term Japanese Language Courses

Japan-Okinawa Experience

Okinawa has a unique culture and lifestyle. Students will participate in traditional and Okinawan Cultural activities. Enjoy marine sports in a beautiful sea resort of Okinawa all year round. So much to see and do, you will want to be out in the sun every day!

Short-term Japanese Language Courses for Travellers

Travel Japanese

First time in Japan? Survival Japanese conversation can help you get around in Japan during a holiday. You will be learning frequently used basic vocabularies and phrases. For instance, when asking directions at the railway stations, shopping and ordering food at the restaurants. By the end of the course, you will be more comfortable in taking the initiative to speak Japanese in public.

Short-term Japanese Language Courses with Traditional Culture

Traditional Culture + Activities

Learn Japanese in the morning and twice a week traditional culture lessons or various activities in the afternoon. All in one course.

Taiko drumming and Kendo Martial Arts are popular activities all students will enjoy. Join cultural studies of Tea ceremony, Kimono wearing, Sushi making and more.

Fruthermore, participate in City tour, Gourmet tour, school parties and BBQ.

Pop Culture + Activities

The programme runs twice a week of cultural lessons or activities in the afternoon.

Pop culture includes Manga drawing, Maid café tour, costume play and more. In Gourmet tour, students can get to have a treat of local cuisines. You will also have rare opportunities to visit secret cafes and restaurants which only the locals know.

Private lessons

Lessons include practical simulations. With private lessons, teachers will help you with any weak points you want to improve. Your Japanese will advance fast in a short space of time. Students can also join the seasonal activities while learning Japanese.

Short-term Japanese Language Courses for Business


Follwing the morning conversation classes, there is an internship class in the afternoons. You will be assigned to a project of your choice and given all-round tasks needed to complete the project. It is a unique programme that can provide you with basic Japanese business knowledge in hand.

Short Japanese Courses in Tokyo, Kyoto and in other hot spots

Prices at glance

Course fee includes tuition fee and the following initial costs

  • Registration fee
  • Study material
  • Facility fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Activity/Excursions
Location Course Level Term Starting date Course Fee ¥
Tokyo Manga-Juku Beginners ~ Adv 12 wks 6 Jan, 30 March, 6 July, 5 Oct 2020 392,000
  Japanese Cooking 4 wks 6 Jan, 30 March, 6 July, 5 Oct 2020 164,000
  Hiragana & Katakana 4 wks 2 March, 8 June, 7 Sept, 30 Nov 2020 94,000
Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto Traditional Culture Beginners ~ Adv 2~4 wks 1st week Monday of each month * 194,000 *
  Pop Culture
Okinawa Japan-Okinawa Experience Beginners ~ Adv 10 wks 9 Apr, 6 July, 8 Oct 2020, 7 Jan 2021 150,000
Hokkaido, Kyoto Travel Japanese Beginners ~ Adv 1~12 wks Monday of each week 327,400
  Traditional Culture & Activities 391,240
  Pop Culture & Activities 391,240
  Private lessons 562,600
  Internship 517,000

* Starting on the 3rd week Monday in June, July and Aug. There is an additional ¥13,200 during July and Aug for summer supplement.

Short-term Standard Japanese Language Courses

Location Course Level Term Starting date Course Fee ¥
Tokyo Short Japanese Conversation Beginners ~ Adv 2~12 wks 30 Mar, 6 July, 5 Oct 2020 222,000
  Total JLPT 2~10 wks 30 Mar, 6 July, 5 Oct 2020 190,000
  General Japanese Conversation 12 wks 1st week of Apr, July, Oct, Jan 182,000
  Working Holiday Conversation 12 wks 155,000
  Evening JLPT JLPT N4 and N3 only 10 wks 8 Apr, 8 July, 7 Oct 2020, 8 Jan 2021 116,500
Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto Japanese Conversation Beginners ~ Adv 2~12 wks 1st week Monday of each month * 418,000 *
  Japanese Conversation + Modern Intermediate ~ Adv 538,000 *
Kyoto, Tokyo Standard JLPT Beginners ~ Adv 2~10 wks 8 Apr, 8 July, 7 Oct 2020, 8 Jan 2021 201,500
Nagano Standard JLPT 7 Apr, 5 Oct 2020 186,500
Hokkaido, Kyoto Std Japanese 1~12 wks Monday of each week 327,400

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