• Pathway Japan in action in Vietnam

    Check out Pathway Japan in action in Vietnam. Pathway Japan has participated in the BMI Global Education Fair in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh city on the 11th and 12th October 2019. The team had a great time meeting so many enthusiastic students who wish to study in Japan. I would like to say thank you and well done to my team! Students from Universities and High schools, and professionals have gathered here in Pathway Japan booth. We were so impressed with their enthusiasms in studying Japanese in Japan. Pathway Japan will be participating in more events around the world. Look forward to meeting you all in the near future!

  • Free Bonus – Startup Essentials

    Free-bonus, pick one from either a Prepaid Travel Card or Gift Voucher. It is an essential item for a startup in Japan. It will be waiting for you in Japan! Pathway Japan is running a special campaign, Startup Essential.   For students choosing “Study Package” and studying 1 year or more in Japan, we are offering 25,000 JPN Yen of Pasmo/Suica prepaid travel card or Gift voucher of a selected store To say thank you for the students, our partner schools and everyone who has been supporting us, Pathway Japan is now giving back our appreciation to the students! Hope our free bonus will help you set up your living…

  • Learn Japanese with We Japanese Language School

    Pathway Japan is delighted to introduce We Japanese Language School in Tokyo Shibuya as our partner school. With Pathway Japan, receive special bonuses at We Japanese Language School. So do not miss this opportunity! Enrol now through us and try Practical lessons in Communicative Japanese courses. This is an exciting opportunity to test yourself to the actual situations.

  • Genki JACS availability

    Beginner courses starting in July and October 2019 at Fukuoka and Tokyo branch is already fully booked. Only a limited number of seats is available at the new Kyoto branch. This new Kyoto branch is opening this July. Kyoto is the ancient city of Japan. There is so much history to see. Contact Pathway Japan NOW to book for a Japanese language course at Genki JACS!

  • Golden week begins

    There is a national holiday week called Golden week. Most of the businesses close and the Japanese take a holiday and the city of Tokyo becomes quiet! Because people travel at the same time, be prepared for packed flights and bullet trains (shinkansen) and for long traffic on the motorways. This 2019, the golden week began on the 27th April as it was a Saturday weekend. 29th April is a national holiday called Showa day. It is Emperor Hirohito, the Showa Emperor’s birthday. Showa (1926 – 1989) was the period before Heisei. 30th April is the day Emperor Akihito resigned.  1st May is the day Crown Prince Hironomiya became a new…

  • Japanese Martial Arts on NHK TV

    Introduction to Japanese Martial Arts. HiSui dojo is one of our partners, where you can experience Iaido, the technique using Samurai swords. Watch the video for HiSui dojo. One-off experience for visitors is available at HiSui. Let’s learn Japanese Language and experience Japanese Martial Arts. For more details about Japanese language and the Martial Arts courses, visit https://www.pathwayjapan.com