• Coronavirus in Japan Update

    Due to the Coronavirus, people’s everyday life and businesses across the globe have been affected. As a principal of Pathway Japan, I would like to express my condolences to those who lost loved ones in these crises. Also, send my respect for those fighting to save lives. The current situation in Japan As of 26 May 2020, the Japanese government has announced to remove the state of emergency in whole of Japan. However, Japan is still under alert. That is to stay at home and continue social distancing. And facemasks to be worn at all times when going out. At 26 May 2020, the total infected in Japan is 17,302…

  • Top 20 Universities in Japan 2019

    Aiming for top universities in Japan? Start the prep with the best Japanese language schools. You will have the full support all the way. Japanese students study hard to enter those top universities. For international students, a high level of Japanese skill is necessary. Plus the exams to qualify for the entry. With good preparation and hard work, entering into one of the top universities in Japan will become a reality. There are three types of Universities in Japan. National, Public and Private universities. National Universities are funded and run by the Japanese Government. For example, these are the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido and Tsukuba.  Currently, there are 86 National…

  • Pathway Japan in action in Vietnam

    Pathway Japan has participated in the BMI Global Education Fair in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh city on the 11th and 12th October 2019. The team had a great time meeting so many enthusiastic students who wish to study in Japan. I would like to say thank you and well done to my team! Students from Universities and High schools, and professionals in Vietnam have gathered here in Pathway Japan booth. We were so impressed with their enthusiasms in studying Japanese in Japan. Pathway Japan will be participating in more BMI Vietnam and events around the world. Look forward to meeting you all in the near future!

  • Free Bonus – Startup Essentials

    Free-bonus, pick one from either a Prepaid Travel Card or Gift Voucher. It is an essential item for a startup in Japan. It will be waiting for you in Japan! For students choosing “Study Package” and studying 1 year or more in Japan, we are offering 15,000 JPN Yen of Pasmo/Suica prepaid travel card or Gift voucher of a selected store To say thank you for everyone who has been supporting us, Pathway Japan is now giving back our appreciation to the students! The free bonus will help you set up your living in Japan.  Let’s learn Japanese and experience Japan!