Best Japanese Language Schools

The section presents a lineup of the best Japanese language school in Japan. For beginners to Advance, find your favourite from over 70 fantastic courses. Amazing experience guaranteed!


  • What makes them the best Japanese Language School
  • Japanese Language School Partner List
  • Steps to finding a Japanese School that best suit you

What makes them the best Japanese Language School

In the last decades also, Japanese has become one of the popular languages to learn. As learning demands increased, so was the number of Japanese language schools.

Similarly, the ways to learn Japanese has changed as more internet streaming videos became available.

In this ever-growing educational sector and the evolving technology, schools maintained its traditional policy and yet gained further popularity.  These are one of the many qualities that make them the best Japanese languages school.

Pathway Japan is delighted to introduce Japanese school partners.  Each school is accredited, award-winning or member of the recognised education body.

Furthermore, the following characteristics are also the reasons for its popularity.

  • A wide diversity of students with various backgrounds.
  • Gender equality.
  • A variety of unique courses.
  • High quality in teaching and course structure.
  • Excellent teaching methods, the student can learn so much in a short period.
  • Qualified Japanese teachers who can help achieve your goal.
  • Student Support with friendly staff who can speak many languages.

Most of all, students have a fantastic time studying Japanese with school!

Best Japanese Language School map

Japanese Language School Partner list

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Best Japanese Language School


ST Award for World’s Best Language School

The school offers unique Japanese conversation courses. The standard Japanese combines various fun activities in Traditional Culture and Pop Culture. The best experience in Japan guaranteed!

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥33,000 per week.

Best Japanese Language School

International Center of Language & Culture

Accredited by Nisshinkyo for high standard school

Tokyo Campus opened in 2018, and the school facilities are up to an excellent standard. At this campus, main courses are in JLPT and University prep. Okinawa Campus is ever so popular for its location in a beautiful sea resort of Naha. This campus specialises in JLPT and conversation courses with cultural activities. 

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥120,000 for a 10-week course.

International Study Institute

ST Award for World’s Best Language School

It is one of the largest language schools in Japan. The school focuses on JLPT studies for higher education and employment in Japan. With excellent programmes and full support of teachers, your goal becomes a reality.

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥155,000 for a 10-week course.

Best Japanese Language School


Accredited by Equals for high international standard school

Japanese conversation with activities is a favourite course amongst the students. School facilities are modern and provide excellent studying environment. You would want to be at school all day.  Also, recommend a unique internship programme for startups. Short-term courses only.

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥36,200 per week.

Best Japanese Language School

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture

Accredited by Equals for high international standard school

As its name, the school aims to offer students the fabulous experiences of Japanese culture. The school has a Japanese tatami room where students can learn the tea ceremonies right there. Japanese conversation with a variety of unique short programmes is perfect for the holidays or gap year.

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥64,000 for a 4-week course.

System Toyo Gaigo Japanese Language School

Affiliates of Adachi Group

How about going further and become a professional in a specific industry? School main programme is a foundation course. Students will start with JLPT and join the professional development classes at JLPT N3. The school offers the best courses that combine both Japanese learning and practical training.

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥312,000 for a 6-months course.

Best Japanese Language School

Tokyo World Japanese Language School

Accredited by Nisshinkyo for high standard school

The school has a campus in Asia, teaching the top-level Japanese to students around the world. If you are aiming for University in Japan, this is the one. Its excellent performance can lead you to a top Japanese University.

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥155,000 for a 12-week course.

Best Japanese Language School

We Japanese Language School

Affiliate of Hiragana Times Incorporated

The course focuses mainly on Japanese conversation.  A combination of practical simulation is a great way to learn Japanese in a short time. Flexible enrolment allows you to start the course any day. Online distant learning is perfect for keeping up with Japanese level wherever you are. Short-term courses only.

  Tuition Fee: Starting from ¥4,000 per lesson.

Steps to finding a Japanese School that best suit you

Step 1. Why learn Japanese in Japan?

What do you like about Japan? Love to experience Japanese culture? Perhaps to study at University or pursue a career in Japan?

Finding your aim in learning Japanese is the first step and is an essential process. Put your message across to the school.

Step 2. What would you like to study?

There are five main types of Japanese language studies in Japan. Each category describes the most popular Japanese courses chosen by the students. Browse around and see which one that takes your interest.

Step 3. How long do you plan to study in Japan?

Are you visiting Japan on holiday?  Short Japanese Courses from 2 weeks to 12 weeks can fit perfectly with your plan.

Have a dream of speaking fluent Japanese? Are you planning to study at University or pursuing a career in Japan?  Long-term Japanese Courses from 6 months to 2 years with a will give you robust Japanese learning. For a longer period of studies, students will require a Student Visa. 

Step 4. In which school are you interested?

From Step3, which course would you like to take?  Pathway Japan will match your chosen course to a school.

Alternatively, choose a school from the lineup. We will recommend courses in line with your aim.

Whichever way you choose, Pathway Japan can find one that best suit your needs.

How much does it cost to study at Japanese Language School?

Together with living expenses, tuition fee plays a big part in decision making.

Schools set their tuition fees depending on the course contents and study period. It also varies by how they conduct the class. For instance, the price in the fee will be different between group lessons and private lessons.

Besides tuition fee, cost of study includes the following initial costs:

  • Registration fee
  • Study material
  • Facility fee
  • Student visa application fee
  • Students insurance

These initial costs are not payable in the 2nd year.

To give you a full picture of the cost, the lists of courses in both shorter and longer-term show the total course fees, which include all above.

Having through each step, are you ready to go to the next stage?  Secure your seat in the best school with Free application service. Let’s begin your journey to studying abroad with Pathway Japan!

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