• Hozuki market

    10th July is the day of paying respect to Kannon-Sama at Asakusa Temple. It is said that if you visit Shrine on this day, equivalent to 46,000 merits (a lifetime merits) will be given. Hozuki is a Japanese summer plant and the sale starts on this day of the festival. Hozuki festival at Hadano Izumo Shrine: Hadano station is only about 1hr 20 min from Shinjuku Tokyo by Odakyu line. It will only take 1hr on Odakyu Romancecar, the rapid luxury train from Shinjuku Tokyo. 5th July 2019 10:00 ~ Opening ceremony 6th July 2019 10:30 ~ Wadaiko (Japanese drum performance), and Enbu (Japanese Martial Arts performance) and many other…

  • Japanese Sake Brewery Museum

    Hakutsuru Sake is the most popular brand sake in Japan. The brewery began in 1743 in Kobe. If you are a Sake lover, do visit the museum to see the making of Sake and have a tasting session. The admission to the museum is Free. For the tasting, you must be over 20. http://www.hakutsuru.co.jp/english/culture/museum.html

  • Hino Shinsengumi Festival

    The festival is on the 11th & 12th May 2019. Join the parade in Samurai style! Hino town is just 1 hour away from Central Tokyo on Keio line. The festival is about honouring the Shinsengumi, a group of young samurai who fought to protect the Edo (Tokyo) Bakufu government. The Shinsengumi was the last samurai group existed in Japan. For festival information in English, go to http://makoto.shinsenhino.com/archives/news/190503004418.php The story of Shinsengumi has been dramatised on Japanese TV. It was a mega-hit in Japan. To see in Japanese, let`s learn Japanese! Contact us NOW for Japanese language school information.

  • Odawara Castle

    1 hour 15 min from Tokyo Shinjuku. So much history in this coastal city of Odawara. There are video screens on each floor that tells the stories about how 5 generations of Hojo Shogun protected the castle. Samurai Yoroi exhibition, Samurai projection, Ninja experience and many more to see and do. Odawara city is situated by the coast where fresh fish is brought in every morning. So when you are feeling hungry after the tour of Odawara castle, pop down to the bay for BQ seafood lunch!

  • Hojo Festival at Odawara

    Hojo festival at Odawara Castle will be held on the 3rd May 2019. The festival is to celebrate and honour the Hojo Samurai family who excelled in protecting the Odawara castle over five generations. There will be a departure ceremony and a parade of Samurai. The ceremony will start at 12:30 pm at Domon gate. Odawara is only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from central Tokyo Shinjuku by Odakyu Romance car (luxury rapid train). It is definitely worth seeing if you are in Tokyo or Yokohama area. https://www.tourism-alljapanandtokyo.org/festival-en/f-14-01?lang=en