Business Conversation

Business Conversation - Work in Japan

Now you have reached a certain level in Japanese, are you thinking of pursuing a career in Japan?  

The courses are designed to prepare you to start your working life in Japan. In addition to Business Conversation, Internship Programme and Job Hunting Support will set you up for your success in Japan!

Japanese customs are unique, such that the speaking style changes depending on the situation or the person you speak to.

In Business Conversation, you can learn useful words and phrases for your work in Japan. Also, learn how and when to use Keigo in a variety of business situations.

Additionally, practice Japanese business manner, greetings, exchanging business cards and placing questions to colleagues at all levels.

To prepare you for important business meetings, presentations or interviews, your knowledge will be tested in a simulated setting.

You may join the Business Conversation course after reaching a certain level in daily conversation or JLPT N3.

Plus Internship Programme

The programme prepares you for real-life work opportunities in Japan. You will be assigned to a project of your choice and given all-round tasks needed to complete the project.

It is a unique course combination of Japanese learning and work experience and offered in an international environment.

Plus Job Hunting Support

Business Conversation Plus Job Hunting support

The course prepares students for their job hunting in Japan.

Japanese use a certain CV format, and you can learn how to complete it in a specific writing manner. You can also practice the Japanese greetings and how to answer interview questions.

There are also opportunities to go on company tours or job fairs in Japan.  Career Forum Net in Tokyo is the biggest Japanese-English bilingual job fair in Japan. Over 250 companies participate every year. You can talk to the employees directly and ask any questions. There is a chance they may invite you for an interview.