Bespoke Planning

Pathway Japan will tailor a plan for your study in Japan that suits you.

Tell us about your interest in Japan, the purpose of studying in Japan, the courses you wish to take, and when you would like to start and so on. Pathway Japan would love to hear about it. With your participation, we can plan towards your time in Japan.

Tailor a plan to suit your study in Japan

Why do I need a plan?

Studying abroad is a big decision. Think of it as a long-term investment in yourself. Investment requires an objective, a goal. A good plan leads you to achieve a goal. Hence, you will get your required return.

So setting your goal is a very important step. Then Pathway Japan will tailor a study plan explaining the steps to achieve your desired Japanese level.

Obtaining a student visa takes approximately six months. Pathway Japan will consider the frame when planning so that you will not miss your first day of the course!

Factors to consider


Each person has a different purpose in coming to Japan to learn Japanese. Some of you are interested in the Japanese culture, wish to progress to universities, to look for career opportunities using Japanese, and so on.

It is important to have a clear purpose. The school and student visa application require you to state the purpose of studying Japanese. It may be in a short essay form.

Pathway Japan can advise you with effective essay writing and ensure the application form is completed to the standard.


The conditions in coming to Japan may be different to each individual. The factors may be budget, duration of the study, visa, and so on.

Pathway Japan understands your circumstances and needs and will advise accordingly.


The preference in location can also differ by individual. There are hundreds of schools across Japan.

Pathway Japan has local knowledge and close links to schools in Japan. We can find the school in your preferred region.