Bespoke Planning

Tailor a plan for your study abroad with Pathway Japan. It’s a personal project, a plan that works just for you.

Tell us about your interest in Japan, the purpose of studying in Japan, the courses you wish to take, and so on. With your participation, we can plan for your study in Japan.

Study Plan for Japan

Why do I need a plan?

Studying abroad is a big decision. Think of it as a long-term investment. Investment requires an objective, a goal. A good plan leads you to achieve that goal. By reaching that goal, you will be awarded an expected return.

Pathway Japan can tailor a study plan explaining the steps to achieve your desired Japanese level. It is a long-term plan which integrates the steps in JLPT/EJU required for further education. It also works for your future career planning.

Your study plan in Japan


Each person has a different objective in coming to Japan to learn Japanese. Some of you are interested in the Japan culture, wish to progress to universities, to look for career opportunities, and so on.

Setting an objective is an essential step when planning a study abroad.  A plan considers the time frame, the time taken to achieve each stage of JLPT or EJU. Therefore, it helps you to see how long it requires to achieve that goal.


The conditions in coming to Japan may be different to each individual. The factors may be budget, duration of the study, visa, and so on.

For example, obtainable student visa period differs depending on which course term you join. Therefore, a plan considers the student visa period and what you can achieve in this given time.  Pathway Japan will advise you the best way to achieve that set goal within a time limit.

Another example is the budget. The choice of school and course may depend on your budget.  With financial expertise, Pathway Japan will prepare an annual budget. You will have more certainty in the study cost and living expenses in Japan. The budget can help you decide how you want to manage your finances during your study in Japan. It also enables you to work out the hours of a part-time job.  Or you may consider applying for a scholarship and so on.

Pathway Japan will advise you the best way to manage your finances without putting stress on your studies.


The preference in location can also differ by individual.

The school campuses are located across Japan. A plan considers your preferred location.

For instance, your objective in learning Japanese is to study further in tourism in Japan. Studying in one of the partner schools in Tokyo or Kyoto would be ideal for gaining knowledge in tourism. These are major tourism cities and offer so many exciting places to see and experience.     

From north to south, Pathway Japan recommends a wide choice of schools in ideal cities that suit your needs.

Pathway Japan Services

Study package is a complete package which includes everything you need to study in Japan. Planning, budgeting and application services are all in this package.

Planning is fun and gives the motivation to study. Enjoy planning with Pathway Japan.